The guys who created WZebra are
Gunnar Andersson
Creator of the Othello program Zebra on which WZebra is based, GUI design, and all features added in version 3.0 and later. Currently the only maintainer of WZebra.

Lars Ivansson
Creator of most of the GUI program flow and original features.

Thanks to the following people for translating WZebra into several different languages:

FrenchBintsa Andriani
ItalianDonato Barnaba
JapaneseRyuichi Hoshi
FinnishHannu and Satu Kotipalo
PortugueseLuis Antunes Coutinho Cabral
SpanishJorge Bandres
DutchDaniel Rokven
DanishClaus Qvist Jessen
TurkishIbrahim Okuyucu
ChineseSoong Hwee

Also thanks to Jan C. de Graaf for letting Zebra expand its opening book on his computer, to Emmanuel Lazard for letting us include the FFO strategy guide, to David Summers for letting us include his stability code in the endgame solver, and to Robert Gatliff for letting us use his opening list.

We are also grateful to the beta-testers that found bugs in previous releases, especially Göran Andersson, Pierre Martin, Beppi Menozzi, Edmund Yiu, Marc Tastet, Norihiro Tanaka, and Borlam Lam.