The File menu

Load game Load game
Load a game previously saved by WZebra.

Save game Save game
Save the game to file.

Save game as
Save the game under a new name.

Release game
Decouple the current game from the file it has been saved in.

Enter game as text
Type or paste a text describing an Othello game, complete or incomplete. The syntax is rather lax: Any pair or consecutive characters where the first character is a letter in A...H (or a...h) and the second character is a digit in 1...8 is interpreted as a move.

Enter game as transcript
Fill in the move numbers of an Othello game, complete or incomplete. The first move is number 1 and there can be up to 60 moves. The sequence of move numbers must be contiguous, there can be no holes.

The Import sub-menu
Import various formats.

The Export sub-menu
Export various formats.

Exit the program.