The Options menu

This menu contains eleven toggles that control what information is displayed and how. For each toggle, the resulting of enabling it is described below.
View moves
The moves available to the player are displayed using red crosses in the corresponding squares.

View scores
WZebra will after each move display what it thinks about the position. A typical midgame score might be e.g. +7.2 discs which indicates that WZebra thinks that it will win the game by about 35.2-28.8. In the endgame, possible scores are Win, Draw, Loss when WZebra knows the outcome but not the exact score and e.g. Win by 60-4 when WZebra knows the exact score assuming perfect play from both sides.

Mark last move
The last move made in the game is highlighted using a small blue circle in the upper left corner of the square.

Show principal variation
WZebra display a sequence of up to eight moves which it expects to be played in the game.

Show search statistics
WZebra displays search depth, number of positions searched and current search speed.

Show number of moves
Display the mobility for both sides in the information panel. WZebra displays search depth, number of positions searched and current search speed.

Display evaluations on board
In practice mode, the evaluations of the available moves are displayed on the board.

Display on-going analysis in separate window
During game analysis, a separate window is updated as soon as new information is discovered about the game being analyzed.

Sample contents:

Analysis window

Each line contains move number, played move, and WZebra's analysis.

Display a graph summarizing analysis
During game analysis, a separate window displays the results of the analysis graphically.

Sample contents:

Analysis window

The horizontal axis corresponds to the move number, the vertical to the final disc difference from black's point of view. Red circles indicate midgame estimates of the outcome, purple circles are scores assuming perfect play by both sides.

Configure graphics...
Opens a dialog where you can configure the graphics display.

Full-screen mode
In this mode the board and the information panel to the right of the board cover the entire screen - no menu, status bar or even Windows start menu. To leave this mode, move the mouse to the left or the upper border of the screen.

Make forced moves automatically
When the human player has to pass or has only one possible move, their move is made automatically.

Pause before responding
Enable a pause of two seconds before WZebra starts thinking. This way the human player has an opportunity to see the position resulting from their moves before WZebra responds. This feature is useful for low search depths as WZebra without it responds immediately.

Choose between English, French, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Turkish and Chinese.

Disc flip animation
Choose between no animation, fast animation, and slow animation.