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CEZebra is the smaller sister of WZebra famous Othello* program for desktop PC by Gunnar Andersson.

CEZebra, which is a Windows CE version of Zebra for Pocket PC is written by Pavel Radzivilovsky. It uses Gunnar's Zebra Othello Engine, which makes it the strongest Othello program for the Pocket PC today.

This program is freeware.

Current version of CEZebra is 1.0 Final Release (released on Dec 29 2001), which means that we would like to hear from you! Please send bug reports, ideas for future releases, etc to Pavel (boss@bugpower.co.il).


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  • CEZebra 1.0 Final was released on 29/12/01. This fixes a Pocket PC 2002 bug and added some new features, like Save/Load game in SGF format.

  • CEZebra 1.0 Beta 3 was released on 30/11/01. New & improved features:
    - Fixed a major resource leak which caused PC to stop responding after 20 games (Reported by Steve Olin).
    - Added a database of human openings
    - Reduced the program size by half, by using run-time decompression of the knowledge base with Zlib compression library

  • CEZebra 1.0 Beta 2 was released on 21/11/01. It fixes an important Practice Mode bug, which caused to treat level incorrectly and lead to a display bug in the endgame.

Current Features

  • World-class othello playing (Sometimes mistakenly referred to as Reversi)
  • Two player game
  • 12 levels of difficulty
  • Exact Solve of Othello boards
  • Observation of two player game
  • Practice Mode with on-board score display
  • Famous ThorDB opening book
  • Save/Load Game in format compatible with leading Othello software



About the Authors

Zebra Othello Engine is made by Gunnar Andersson (Sweden).
Windows CE GUI is written by Pavel Radzivilovsky (Israel).
Graphics was designed by Hans-Erik Palmgren.

Pavel can be contacted by the following means:

EMail  boss@bugpower.co.il 
ICQ 11809273
Bugpower on VOG
bugpwr on Yahoo!Games


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CEZebra Reviews and Awards



Note: Currently supported platforms are Pocket PC running Windows CE 3.0 (or higher) with ARM, MIPS or SH3 CPU. 

CEZebra 1.0 Final Release for ARM, MIPS and SH3 CPUs 

CEZebra 1.0 for ARM only (690K)
CEZebra 1.0 for SH3 only (720K) 

Installation instructions:

Download the above file and run it on your desktop computer.
It will connect to your ActiveSync and install the software on your Pocket PC.
After installing, run CEZebra from Start Menu\Programs\CEZebra.

If you don't have a desktop machine

Alternatively, If you don't have a desktop machine and you wish to install it directly on the Pocket PC, you can download CAB file for your CPU separately from the installation executable.
Here are 3 of them: ARM, MIPS and SH3. (This installation method is not recommended).



Usage Instructions

CEZebra user interface is designed to be easy enough to understand without any special documentation or online help.
However, we came up with a few tips about using the advanced features:



Optional Opening Book

With CEZebra, only a THORDB opening book is shipped by default. An additional opening book for CEZebra is available for download, since 6/02/02. Here're the instructions to download & install this opening book.

PLEASE READ THIS before installing an additional opening book: First, make sure if you need it. For most Othello players, Zebra's opening engine would be fast and strong enough. Advanced Opening book should only be used by advanvced players, for Othello practice or advanced game analysis. The additional opening book is a heavy thing. You would probably need to have CEZebra installed on a storage card for this. The optional opening book (currently version 3.11) takes 8MB (!) storage space and you have to provide about 15MB of free RAM at runtime for Zebra, when using it.


Note: soon we are going to release a smaller optional book.




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* Othello is a registered trademark of Anjar Co.