Suggestions of new features to add to WZebra

If you have a suggestion, send it to and I'll add it to this list if it looks reasonable.

Make it possible to choose the parallel start configuration.
Suggested 5/10 -03 by Ben Hurst.

It should be possible to adjust the brightness of the green background.
Suggested 11/6 -03 by Jeremy Das.

"Enter game as transcript" should contain an option for rotated start position.
Suggested 27/5 -03 by anonymous.

It should be possible to adjust the brightness of the green background.
Suggested 11/6 by Jeremy Das.

The score graph could contain another color to distinguish positions with estimated but not proven exact scores.
Suggested 22/5 -03 by Donato Barnaba.

When loading an analyzed game, display the analysis windows.
Suggested 27/4 -03 by Lars.

"Enter transcript dialog" should contain an option for importing the set of valid moves from a corrupt game score.
Suggested 27/4 -03 by Lars.

Make the opening name lists used by WZebra language-dependent.
Suggested 16/4 -03 by Donato Barnaba.

Add a hint mode where WZebra warns about really bad moves.
Suggested 10/3 -03 by Cedric Beaurain.

Add an option for batch learning of a set of games.
Suggested 7/2 -03 by Holger Braun.

Add support for Polish.
Suggested 30/1 -03 by Mark.

Make the delay in "Pause before responding" adjustable.
Suggested 15/12 -02 by Thommas.

Practice mode can give more information than just the score for each move: There can be texts pointing out traps, exchanges, and more.
Suggested 10/12 -02 by Alex Santos.

When "Evaluate all moves" is chosen during replay, it would help if the move played was highlighted, not only the best move.
Suggested 27/11 -02 by Mateusz Soznowski.

Instead of having one search depth in the Zebra settings menu and one learning depth in the Learning menu, have one play depth and one analysis depth. The latter would be used when analyzing and learning games.
Suggested 22/11 -02 by Chris Welty.

Add optional sound effects in various situations, e.g. after a selfplay game has finished.
Suggested 20/11 -02 by Jan de Graaf.

Make the toolbar configurable.
Suggested 3/11 -02 by Carlos Rego.

Add an option for selective WLD searches.
Suggested 10/10 -02 by Dan Lidström.

Add a mode in which you play against the program and it warns you when you play a really bad move.
Suggested 1/10 -02 by Hannu Kotipalu.

Give the user more feedback when book learning is in progress.
Suggested 10/9 by Jan de Graaf.

Displayed minimaxed book scores, not only deviation scores.
Suggested 16/8 -02 by Jan de Graaf.

Add sound effects when flipping pieces.
Suggested 27/5 -02 by Brent Gregersen.

Always ask for confirmation before starting a new game or practice session.
Suggested 20/4 -02 by Martin Smith.

Make the search depth adaptable: Increase after one by after several. wins, decrease after losses.
Suggested 23/1 -02 by Gerry.

The shadows cast by animated discs should extend outside the square when necessary.
Suggested 3/1 -02 by Gunnar.

Add an option for automatically selfplaying games from a specified position, learning each game with the current learning parameters.
Suggested 4/11 -01 by Edmund Yiu.

Make it possible to change the relative sizes of the lists in the information panel, e.g. using splitters.
Suggested 3/9 -01 by Jan de Graaf.

Implement support for several processors.
Suggested 27/8 -01 by Martin Eng.

When in practice mode, selecting a move in the list could result in the PV being displayed on the board: The target of the ith move would get the digit i drawn on the square; black text for black moves, white text for white moves.
Suggested 23/8 -01 by Jan de Graaf.

Add an option for playing blindfold games.
Suggested 21/8 -01 by Raphael Schreiber.

Make it possible to save the hash table for later use.
Suggested 19/8 -01 by Edmund Yiu.

Make it possible to replay a game forwards and backwards without clicking or pressing a key repeatedly.
Suggested 9/8 -01 by Jeremy Das.

Make it possible to create a private database of games, compatible with the Thor databases.
Suggested 5/8 -01 by Claus Qvist Jessen.

Add an option for restricting the choice of openings to learned games.
Suggested 26/7 -01 by Jeremy Das.

Make it harder to accidentally over-write an existing game file after having modified it and saved.
Suggested 23/7 -01 by Gunnar.

Implement yet another layer of endgame logic: For the top N plies, use conspiracy search. N would be between 4 and 8 depending on the number of empties and the sophistication of the conspiracy search by only alpha-beta tree stored explicitly etc..
Suggested 19/7 -01 by Gunnar.

Don't load the entire opening book into memory unless learning or negamaxing; for playing it suffices with the index hash table.
Suggested 18/7 -01 by Gunnar.

Make it possible to use timed searches in practice mode.
Suggested 17/7 -01 by Ingo Althöfer.

Implement different styles by corner happy, greedy, edge crawler etc..
Suggested 17/7 -01 by Chris Welty.

Release WZebra for Macintosh.
Suggested 17/7 -01 by anonymous.

Make it possible to enter annotations for any position in the game.
Suggested 17/7 -01 by Claus Qvist Jessen.

Implement thinking on the opponent's time.
Suggested 17/7 -01 by Gunnar.

Last modified February 17, 2004 by Gunnar Andersson