The Tools menu

Take back Take back
Take back the last move you played.

Goto start board Goto start board
Back up to the first board position in the game you are playing/replaying. Normally this is the 4-disc start position unless a position was set up on the board using the Position setup feature in the Game menu.

Goto move number
Go to a specific move number in the game currently being replayed.

Step forward Step forward
Replay the move played last time this position occurred. This option is only available when browsing through a game using the Replay feature in the Game menu.

Goto end board Goto end board
In a normal game, undo all Take back-operations, when in replay mode, go to the last board position of the game.

Break replay Break replay
Interrupt the game replay initiated with the Replay feature in the Game menu. The board position is preserved so that a game against WZebra can be started from this position.

Evaluate all moves
Used during game replay; results in all moves being evaluated.

Reflect in downward diagonal Reflect in downward diagonal
Mirror reflect the board in the A1-H8 diagonal.

Reflect in upward diagonal Reflect in upward diagonal
Mirror reflect the board in the A8-H1 diagonal

Rotate 90 degrees Rotate 90 degrees
Rotate the board counter-clockwise 90 degrees.

Switch colors Switch colors
Change sides with WZebra. This can be useful if the program outplays you...

Highlight stable discs Highlight stable discs
Discs which are stable, i.e. can not be flipped by any sequence of moves, are left intact while mutable discs become half transparent for 2 seconds. The discs that are marked as stable are guaranteed to be stable, but in some positions some stable discs might be shown as mutable. The reason for this is that deciding the stability status of all discs leads to long searches.

Force computer to move Force computer to move
If WZebra takes too long deciding on its move, you can interrupt its thinking and force it to play the best move it has found so far.