The Menues

The following menus provide the user with the means of customizing WZebra as well as lot of features.
The File menu
WZebra can save/load games, import games in various formats, replay an old game, create PostScript dumps of the board position etc...

The Game menu
This is where you choose WZebra's mode of operation. Specifying whether to play a new game between a human and the program, a practice session, game analysis, and position setup are the basic modes available.

The Zebra Settings menu
Specify how WZebra plays (opening book, search depth, time etc).

The Options menu
Customize WZebra's display and behavior.

The Tools menu
Move take-back, board rotation and other features useful when playing a game.

The Database menu
Look up a position in the Thor database. It is possible to restrict the search to particular players and/or tournaments.

The Book Learning Menu
WZebra can learn the current game and add it to its opening book.

The Help menu
Used to launch these help files.